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The Mailman Can’t

Today, I come home to find a letter on my car and also one taped to my front door. They are letters from property manager, that runs all of the townhouses across the street. It is a letter stating that her tenants are not receiving my mail because of my car parked in the street.
My car was not anywhere near the mailboxes, I have a seriously lazy mailman that refuses to have to get out and walk. This man is such a joke. He is mad that that the snow plow came along and plowed my car in, creating a berm. He can’t just swoop his truck in and out of he mailboxes, so he gets out of the truck to leave them a a message that that he is can’t get the their boxes! He leaves nothing on my car letting me know.
Today, I moved my car and a called the property manager who told me that she didn’t think my car was in the way.
This is a new mailman. I bought my house in 2007. The other mailman and I had no issues, but this guy? He stopped delivering to my me because my daughter was parked in the same spot she has always parked in, and he said that it blocked the mailbox. So, after my letter from his boss, to me, stating this was a problem, I dug up my mailbox. (It was never a problem until 2015). The man delivers packages to me for the same address, but one street down. This happens all the time! I write a note on them and take them to the correct house. Last week, the happy mailman comes over here and asks if we have a package of hers because she has stated that one is missing. How is this my fault?
So now, he is taking his anger out on my neighbors about my car (which was parked where my daughter always had her car parked before). I don’t understand why this man is so rude, but he he is entitled and clearly does not like his job. #epicfailusps #uspsisgoingdownhill

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