Book Review: Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While in one of my current book clubs, we were reading a book by this author. I heard this book mentioned several times so I thought I would read it. (Spoilers ahead)

This was an interesting story line about a gal who grew up in a bad situation and how she overcame her past. However when you don’t actually deal with the past, many things can follow you to the future.

Daisy is look for her big break. She is singing, but feels she should be farther along with her career. When the band “The Six” comes to town, they are presented an opportunity to sing with a partner. The lead singer of the band is less than thrilled. He likes his male band exactly how it is. Eventually he is persuaded to sing with her. As they sing, the producers really like the blend of the two voices and start pushing for an album collaboration. This took some convincing, but eventually they figured they could do it and then be rid of her. This turns into her joining the band, as the producers really only like them know because of her.

While trying to come up with a name, the kick around several ideas. Finally it decided by someone else to call themselves Daisy Jones and the Six. Daisy is a mess. She has a drug habit and a party lifestyle. This eventually takes a toll on the band as she repeatedly was late or a no show to practice.

During the entire book, the two lead characters have a love/hate relationship. Finally at the end, the wife if the main male singer asks her to leave…and she does.

Near the end, the interview is being done on Daisy years later by the daughter of the male singer. She tells her that her mother is the reason that she left, because she asked her too. She told her that we know my husband loves you. I love my husband, but you understand that he will never leave. Daisy does finally leave the band. The band disbanded and went into regular life and all of the tribulations that that holds.

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