Book Review: The Lakehouse by Helen Phifer

Lakeview House by Helen Phifer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story was not as great as I had hoped it would be. I did figure out most of it as I went along.
I listened to the audible version, as I believe it was the audible deal of the day.

Maddy is a struggling author. She wrote her first book, but then due to drama in her life, she would that she was always not able to get anywhere with the second book. Her publisher is breathing down her neck wanting progress and ultimately the end of the book.

Her friend sees an add in the country that is looking for a caretaker. She approaches Maddy and tells her that it is a perfect retreat for her for writing and it will get her away from the abusive relationship that she is in. She plans it all out and then heads out there.

Once she is out there, a young man finds her intriguing and befriends her. There is also a young man with learning disabilities who’s mother is fond of the man that has taken a liking to Maddy. As things progress, odd things happen to Maddy. She can’t get in touch with her friend back home, she hears odd things, she is always looking over her shoulder worried about her ex that has no clue where she is, and then there is the wet wedding dress left on her porch.

Why is there a wet wedding dress on her porch? She asks around about the vacant house and the folklore that go along with it. What is happening to her? Is the house haunted by spirits from the past? Is the dress involved? Where are her friends? She finds herself out in the middle of nowhere, isolated and alone. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Did she make a mistake?

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