Book Review Tuesday: The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager

The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was selected for me by both of my book clubs. I had a hard time coming around, but once I did I was curious. The end was not what I had anticipated at all, but interesting.

The story is taking place in Vermont, at a small lake named Green Lake. There are 6 homes on the lake, and the access is hard to come by. There is one full time resident, Eli. The rest all use them as summer homes. Two are occupied by people that have a claim to fame.

Casey Fletcher is a famous movie star that lives in her mother’s shadow. Her mother was also a start. Casey life had taken a downward spiral and her mother banished her out there to try to work through her addiction.

Across the lake, you have a gorgeous supermodel and her husband, the tech titan. They have the largest home, as the small cabin that had been there prior was removed and then this was built prior to them purchasing the property.

Casey was a widow. She enjoyed sitting on the porch and just watching the lake. You would think that she wouldn’t because her husband drowned out there about 6 months ago setting a weird chain of events into motion. As she was roaming around her cabin (that has been in her family for generations) she noticed some high end binoculars that has been her husband, Lynn’s. She chuckled when he bought them thinking that they were spendy for bird watching. He has been a famous producer and his mind went wild. She found herself watching the homes across the lake with the binoculars. They kept her mind busy.

She started to notice things that did not make sense in her mind. One day, this attractive man walked up to her porch and introduced himself. He said he was the handyman for the rest of the summer for the cabin next door that is usually empty. She was kind of short with him. She just wanted to drink and be left alone.

As strange things started to happen, she turned to her neighbor more and more. Her couple across the lake just had an odd relationship according to her own eyes. Then the wife disappears. Where did she go? The husband said back to New York. She could not find proof. She went on a long spiral trying to figure this out. Her friends and family thought she was losing her mind. Maybe she was?

The previous few years, the town had had some local girls turn up missing. Was any of this related to that? Where are the girls? Where is the supermodel? Why does her husband act strange? Why is the adorable neighbor always in her space? What is going on here? Is this a dream? Nightmare?

The more that you get into this book, the ending is weird and rather disappointing. You want a different ending, but then you are not really sure what could be done with it. Read this and tell me what you think.

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