Travel Thursday: Only In Your State – Idaho

by Courtnie Erickson

This Trail Is Located At One Of Idaho’s Popular State Parks, And It’s A Total Hidden Gem-Winchester, ID.

Winchester Lake State Park is one of Idaho’s most spectacular state parks. Located in north-central Idaho, this park features 418 acres that are just waiting to be explored. You’ll find all types of popular outdoor activities from camping to fishing and it’s one destination the entire family will love. However, if you are looking to truly explore and see all that this state park in Idaho has to offer, tucked away is the Discovery Trail, an informational loop trail that is perfect for the entire family and a total hidden gem.

  1. Welcome to Winchester Lake State Park, home of the delightful Discovery Trail! This is a short trail that is scenic, beautiful, and quiet. In fact, you likely won’t come across many other people exploring this outdoor treasure. You can access this trail from the Granite View Day-Use Area.. Photo by Kaeleena Wilder/AllTrails
  2. The Discovery Trail is 1.2-miles long and quite easy. There is very little elevation gain, making it a hiking trail that the entire family can enjoy together. Photo by Kaeleena Wilder/AllTrails
  3. You’ll truly be able to immerse yourself in nature on this hiking trail. You’ll walk through thick forests … Photo by Wyatt Griffis/AllTrails
  4. … and past large boulders. Photo by Wyatt Griffis/AllTrails
  5. You will even cross some of the most beautiful bridges. Photo by Stacy Barnet/AllTrails
  6. And you must stop and enjoy the lake views — they are stunning. Photo By Stacy Barnett/AllTrails
  7. But one thing that sets this hiking trail apart from others in Winchester Lake State Park is the information panels. All along this trail, you’ll come to panels that will tell you all about the forest, rocks, wildlife, plants, and more. You’ll definitely walk away feeling more familiar with the area and its many natural features. Photo by Kaeleena Wilder/AllTrails
  8. This hiking trail is one hidden gem that you will be glad you didn’t miss when visiting the remarkable Winchester Lake State Park in Idaho. Happy trails! Photo by Jim Wittes/AllTrails.

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