Book Review Tuesday: Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea.

This book was so interesting!

I am a member of Scribd, and it came up as a suggestion.

Avery found a way to reinvent herself after her father was found guilty for scamming people out of billions in a ponzu sceme. She was now on the air live, and people had no idea who she was.

When she was younger, he father skipped town and became a fugitive, and her brother died in a boating accident with her as the captain. This was so damaging to her.

The adjacent story line is the 911 World Trade Center bombings. There is a department that works on trying to ID people from the bombings that had not been ID’d before.

Avery is trying to make herself more valuable while negotiating, and a story had presented itself. While on hiatus from filming, she decided to head out and research the lady that had been ID’d recently.

Little did she know that these two stories would entertwine. The author is a master of weaving the story and not leaving out any detail. I was hooked from the beginning.

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