More disturbing details emerge in Aaron Carter’s death, more news

Death details

More details are emerging surrounding the passing of Aaron Carter. A video shows that the singer’s off-and-on fiancée was worried about Aaron in the days leading up to his death at 34. Last week, Aaron was posting a livestream video when Melanie Martin texted him, “You’re going to die.” The context of the message isn’t known, but Aaron was clearly upset by the comment made by the mother of his infant son, Prince. Fans also expressed concern for Aaron during the livestream. The “I Want Candy” singer was found dead in a bathtub inside his home in Lancaster, California, by his housekeeper on Nov. 5. Two days later on Nov. 7, TMZ reported that multiple cans of compressed air were found in Aaron’s bedroom and bathroom, leading investigators to believe he may have been huffing before his death. Prescription pills were also allegedly found. Further, the reported some disturbing allegations, claiming Aaron’s medically trained neighbors heard a frantic 911 call on a police scanner and ran over to the house to assist before medics or police arrived. However, despite being armed with a defibrillator, the housekeeper — the same one who found Aaron — allegedly denied them entry to the home. The neighbors also claimed the housekeeper initially refused to let sheriff’s deputies into the home. Aaron’s official cause of death isn’t yet known. It’s believed he’s been dead for quite a while before he was found in the tub. 

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