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Police investigate couple who travelled from Airway Heights to South Dakota with dead daughter

by Noah Corrin

MITCHELL, S.D. – Police in Airway Heights are investigating the circumstances that led to the death of an 8-year-old girl in September, after her parents were detained in Mitchell, South Dakota.

The girl’s adoptive mother, 33-year-old Mandie Miller, and Miller’s boyfriend, 28-year-old Aleksander Kurmoyarov, are being detained for homicide by abuse in Mitchell. 

Officers with the Airway Heights Police Department (AHPD) said they have a pending application of an arrest warrant by the department and the Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Miller and Kurmoyarov told police in Mitchell their daughter died on Sept. 10 in Airway Heights, but they wanted to “spend more time” with her, so they put her in a coffin in the back of a U-Haul trailer and brought her to Mitchell. 

Police are investigating a couple whose 8-year-old daughter died in Washington, after learning they travelled with the body from Airway Heights to Mithcell, South Dakota without alerting law enforcement. 

Detectives in Mitchell, South Dakota, learned the 8-year-old daughter of 28-year-old Aleksander Kurmoyarov and 33-year-old Mandie Miller told the Davison County Coroner they were travelling from Washington state to Pine Ridge with their dead daughter. 

Officers with the Mitchell Police Department (MPD) located the couple at a residence in Mitchell with a U-Haul tow-behind trailer that contained a coffin with their daughter’s body. 

According to MPD, Miller told investigators her daughter died on Sept. 10. Kurmoyarov told police he did not seek medical attention for the girl when she died because he and Miller wanted to spend more time with her and that he was afraid that they would get in trouble.

Miller and Kurmoyarov did not alert police in Washington or South Dakota to the death of their daughter. MPD said the couple have been in South Dakota for about four days and specifically the City of Mitchell for about 2 days. 

Both were charged with one count of failure to report the death of a child to law enforcement. 

The Airway Heights Police Department, MPD, Spokane Tribal Police Department, Spokane County Forensics and Spokane County Major Crimes Unit are all investigating. 

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