Mental Health Mondays: The Best Things You Can Do For A Productive Morning.

  • Get Out Of Bed Early — Try, for a week, getting up at 4 a.m. just to see how it effects your morning routine. You may have to do some less productive things for the first hour (as your mind will still be half-asleep), but afterwards the production will be incredible.
  • Drink Some Water — Signal to your body that the day is ready to begin by getting your stomach digesting something right off the bat. Two glasses of water should do the trick.
  • Eat High-Calorie Foods — “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!” — This old quote was taught to me by my parents and is there for a reason. Your morning meal should be the most calorie and protein intensive meal because it will give you energy throughout the day. High-Calorie does not equal high in fat or sugar.
  • Get A “Natural Light Alarm Clock” — This was one of the best purchases I made. The alarm clock wakes me up naturally, and I can also use it as a source of natural light when I am working early in the morning.
  • Break A Sweat — A short jog, some jumping jacks, anything that gets your blood pumping. Physical fitness helps and it keeps your energy high.
  • Have A Checklist — Have a habit sheet right next to you every day and check off as many habits as you can in the morning, this will make you feel charged right away!
  • Take A Cold Shower — I know, I hate cold showers too, but it just is not deniable that cold showers wake you up and make you feel more energetic! In fact, studies show cold showers release beta-endorphins said to be more powerful than even morphine! (Scientific Evidence-Based Effects of Hydrotherapy on Various Systems of the Body)
  • Do Work In The First Two Hours Of The Day — The first two hours set the pace for the rest of the day, so make them count. The earlier you can do this the better.
  • Eat That Frog — As Brian Tracy says: If you finish your toughest assignment in the day first it will lead to a whole lot of motivation.

Source:  The Best Things You Can Do For A Productive Morning | by Lukas Schwekendiek | Jun, 2022 | Medium 

Photo: David MOA on Unsplash

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