Where the Crawdads Sing Review

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
I am not normally one that likes to write a review of books. I was reading this book as part of my book club this month. I was not sure what I would think, honestly.
It started off a bit slow for me, as I am normally a reader of true crime and non fiction however there were so many components to this book. There was heartbreak, murder, parents leaving their children, racism, prejudiced situations, entitlement, uneducated, educated. poor, etc. It soon had me interested.
What happened to Chase? Chase was the local high school jock that everyone wanted. He was quite the ladies man. What in the world would he be doing with the marsh girl? She has never even been to school. People said bad things about her. They treated her poorly.
However, as a young girl she saw her father abuse her mother, and her mother left her family. Soon after, the father leaves. Her brother had left a long time ago. This poor little girl was alone. She had survival skills, though. She figured out how to live off the land.
This is the story of a young girl going through life on her own, and how she overcame the stigma that followed her, and allowed people in and learned love and trust.
This was a very well written book. I could picture myself there, seeing what she saw. Feeling what she felt. You cried with her, you laughed with her.
You know when they tell you to not judge a book by it’s cover (or title in this case), that is correct.

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