Gas Rationing Coming to Idaho

I came across this article today. This was interesting. It had so much history and was so informative, however the author ( Bill Colley published 5 23, 2022 on came across as very offensive.

I am not sure why you would write an article and just blatantly attack a group of people right in the beginning. What a turn off.

He chose to attack Liberals stating that they are what is wrong with this whole picture today. This, sadly is the entire reason that everyone is in the situation. The divide in the country has gotten so great, that everyone sits and attacks everyone else INSTEAD of actually figuring out how to solve problems.

Unfortunately, all that could have been and should have been good about this article was ruined by his ignorance, instead of just sticking to the facts.

Gas Rationing Coming to Idaho? ( Click Link for Story with Photos

Here are some lovely phrases :

“This is About Controlling You” – Now the devious little wheels in their warped minds are spinning again.

This is a Man-Made Mess“- These liberals dreaming up new ways to control your life haven’t considered the economic impact

I know many liberals. No one that I know acts like this. Liberals do not want to control people’s driving habits. They truly do not care.

Bill getting all worked up here, really should enter an anger management group, or look into anxiety medications. He is clearly stressed.

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