Book Review: The Wife Upstairs by Freida McDadden

The Wife Upstairs by Freida McFadden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! (spoilers ahead)
Every time you think that you have it figured out, then it call changes.

The premise behind this book is so hurtful. I know many ladies who have been in these types of relationships and they just disappear from my friend circle, social media, events, etc. These men (or it can be women) can be so controlling.

In this case, this famous author that has no friends (red flag) took a sane woman that had a great career and friends, and turned into a housewife that was isolated and had nothing to do but eat, sleep, and watch tv. He berated her, he called her names and made her feel bad about herself. He accused her of all of the things that he was actually doing.

Eventually, he tries to kill her, but it does not work. She is now in a wheelchair, but is still there mentally. A new caregiver comes on scene, and slowly the “wife” begins to communicate with her. She lets her know that there is a diary that documents the hell she had gone through. She starts to believe it, but then when she talks to other employees there, they tell her that she has it all wrong. She says that it is the wife that was gaslighting the husband. So the caregiver now needs to decide who is right.

A gun becomes involved. Who has it? Who is right and who is wrong? There are missing people. Where are they? There are dead family members…why?

This book was pretty exciting. It was a read for one of my book clubs. I enjoyed it.

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