Book Review: Malibu Rising

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was for one of my book clubs for July 2022. It started off rather slow for me, but over time I found myself engrossed in the literature. (spoilers ahead)

The story started as a young niave woman meets her prince charming. They get married on the premise that he will come back and run the family’s restaurant eventually. This pleases her father, so he approves the relationship. The mother warns her about good looking men. They have their own set of problems. Eventually the man (Mick) makes it big as a singer. He leaves his wife and two children alone and is out on the road. He always come back when he says he will and thinks that life is grand. One day, a woman shows up with a child and dumps the child off with Mick’s wife saying that she can’t do it and leaves. The wife is stunned. However she chooses to raise the boy as her own and say the boys are twins. Mick leaves for some young thing. They divorce and he remarries.

This seems to be a pattern in this relationship. He comes back at one point and they get remarried and have another child (Kit). Eventually the mother dies. The father is no where around. The oldest daughter, Nina steps in and gives up her life, school, potential career to be a mother to everyone. The paperwork is filed and Mick does not show or try to dispute.

The story goes into each character and what they have gone through, or what they are going through. The characters grow up and get married, and into bad relationships. Are the destined to follow in their parents footsteps?

As the kids become adults, Nina is not sure what to do with herself. She is running the family restaurant that had been in her mother’s family to support everyone. Now she finds herself not sure who she is as the kids are moving on.

She is discovered as a surfer and becomes a model. It is her time to shine.

The House on the hill is known for their once a year epic parties. Everyone wants an invitation. All sorts of famous people are there, and it is quite the event. This latest party though, has an unexpected guest. Mick. He decided now that his fame is waning, that he wants to be a part of the children’s lives. What will they do? Do they accept him or decide that he has done enough damage. Are there other secrets that will come out?

I really enjoyed this book. I found it pleasant to read.

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