Book Review: They All Had a Chance: A Pact. A Test. A Dilemma. A Murder

Book 4/6

They All Had A Fear: A past. A debt. A reckoning. A murder. by Michele Leathers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These books in the series are interesting.
This one was the original girl again (Bellamy) inventing herself as Athena. This time Athena goes to a summer camp and tries to take over the camp. It weaves her through people’s lives and all of the disruption that she causes. One of these days, she will meet her match. Is this the novel?
She is an employee at the camp and befriends everyone. She is the odd man out, as this is her first year there and many other employees were returning from previous years. Camp Sunshine. The owner announces that she wants to retire. She is going to open the opportunity to all counselors via competitions. Some are group competitions and some are individual competitions. How will this end? There is a lot at stake and remember…Bellamy aka Athena is onsite… Will people die? Will people get hurt? Are there children onsite? How will this turn out?

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