Trump’s problems going ‘from bad to worse’ with Judge Cannon’s ‘circus’ about to be shut down: legal expert

According to a report from legal analyst Mitchell Epner, Donald Trump’s legal problems are expected to take a turn for the worse this week as the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is poised to shut down the “circus” created by Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision to assign a special master in the stolen Mar-a-Lago government documents investigation.

Writing for the Daily Beast, Epner predicted a ruling from the three judges involved — two of whom were appointed by the former president — could come before the end of the week and could quickly thrust the former president before his “greatest nightmare”: a Washington D.C. jury.

Based upon the questioning of the judges last week where Trump’s legal team faced a brutal grilling, the legal analyst suggested the case would be stripped from the Trump-appointed Cannon, who has been accused of running interference for the man who appointed her to a lifetime position on the bench.

“I rarely make predictions on court rulings. This is the exception,” Epner wrote. “I would be shocked if the 11th Circuit does not overturn Judge Cannon’s order. I also think it will happen quickly. The judges have asked for the upcoming schedule in front of the Special Master.”

“Special Master Dearie is required to issue his report and recommendation to Judge Cannon by December 16. After that, the parties would have the opportunity to object to Judge Cannon and, if necessary, the 11th Circuit,” he added. “That process would take months to play out. I cannot imagine the 11th Circuit allowing this circus to continue until Dec. 1, and that’s part of why I expect that the 11th Circuit will promptly overrule Judge Cannon, ending the entire process.”

As for what comes after, the legal analyst speculated Trump’s lawyers would quickly run to the Supreme Court for relief and will be promptly rebuffed.

“As soon as that happens, I expect that newly appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team will indict former President Trump on multiple counts,” he wrote. “I expect that the indictment would be issued from the District Court for the District of Columbia. The crimes related to the removal and retention of national security documents in violation of the Espionage Act were arguably committed when Trump removed them from the White House, making D.C. a possible venue for an indictment on those charges.”

As an aside, he noted, “Trump would almost certainly fear a trial in front of a Washington, D.C., jury even more than he would fear a trial in front of a South Florida jury. Trump received only 5 percent of the vote in the District in 2020, by far his lowest total anywhere. By contrast, he won Florida in 2020.”

Main Photo: Judge Aileen Cannon, Donald Trump (Court photo, Trump photo via AFP)© provided by RawStory

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