Travel Thursday: This 590-Mile Road Trip Will Take You To The Best Mountain Towns In Idaho.

Idaho is home to some of the country’s most breathtaking and majestic mountain ranges. These mountains are not only fabulous places to explore in Idaho, but they are also home to some of the most beautiful mountain towns. If you want to visit some of these incredible places, hop in your car and go on a drive! We created this road trip that takes you just under 600 miles to several of the best mountain towns in Idaho. It’s one road trip that is beautiful and adventurous all in one!

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While there are incredible mountain towns in northern Idaho like Wallace and Bonner’s Ferry, for this trip, we only focus on those towns in the southern part of the state. This trip will take you approximately 590 miles and requires more than 11 hours of drive time. Plan several days for driving, sightseeing, and just admiring the beautiful mountains that are found in Idaho.

  1. Island Park
Art Bromage/Flickr

Our road trip begins in the mountain town of Island Park. Located in eastern Idaho, near the Montana and Idaho state line and just outside of Yellowstone National Park, this mountain town is an outdoor lover’s paradise. While visiting, drive down Main Street, which holds the title of the “Longest Main Street in America.” You can also visit nearby Harriman State Park, float the river, hike, fish, and so much more.

Island Park, Idaho, USA

2. Driggs

mtnmichelle/iStock Via Getty Images Plus

Driggs is one small town that is often overlooked in southeastern Idaho, but it definitely deserves your attention. Driggs is located in the beautiful Teton Valley and is nestled next to the Teton Mountain Range. Downtown Driggs is a fun place to explore with all types of boutique shops and restaurants and the recreational opportunities around this small town are endless with Teton Canyon, Darby Canyon, and Horseshoe Canyon all nearby.

Driggs, Idaho, USA

3. Ketchum

Loren Lombard / EyeEm Via Getty Images

Ketchum is one mountain town in Idaho that you will not want to skip! In fact, this town has been named one of the coolest towns in America and we have to agree. Every season of the year, there is a long list of activities to keep you busy. Of course, in the winter you can visit the popular Sun Valley Ski Resort, and in the summer, there are fishing, hiking, and mountain biking opportunities galore.

Ketchum, Idaho, USA

4. Stanley

Lidija Kamansky/Moment Via Getty Images

Stanley is one of the most popular and well-known small mountain towns in Idaho. This is because this town is not only gorgeous, but it offers more outdoor recreational activities than any other place in the state. While certainly a small town, Stanley is located at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains and next to the Salmon River, giving you opportunities to fish, hike, camp, and more. But, we also recommend just driving around and admiring the beauty of this area. It is one of the most breathtaking small towns in the entire Gem State.

Stanley, ID 83278, USA

5. Idaho City

Jimmy Emerson, DVM/Flickr

When you think of the best mountain towns in the Gem State, Idaho City is typically not the first town to come to mind — but it definitely deserves a visit! This small town, with approximately 550 residents, features peak Wild West vibes. During your visit, walk down Main Street and enjoy the architecture and the slower pace of life. Just make sure you stop into Trudy’s Kitchen and try a slice of its award-winning, world-famous pie!

Idaho City, Idaho 83631, USA

6. McCall

knowlesgallery/iStock Via Getty Images Plus

McCall is a small town that has it all. With mountains surrounding it and while sitting on the shores of Payette Lake, this Idaho mountain town is stunning. McCall is considered a resort town with all that there is to do, the number of places to stay, and the delicious restaurants all around town. This is one stop on our road trip where you can stay for an entire day — or two!

McCall, ID 83638, USA

7. Riggins

Salmon River Chamber of Commerce/Facebook

Riggins is not only a small mountain town in Idaho, but it has quite a history. Approximately 300 residents live in this mountain town, which sits next to the Salmon River and is adjacent to Hell’s Canyon. If you love a bit of adventure, this may be your favorite stop on our road trip as Riggins is known as the Whitewater Capital of Idaho. Rafting and tubing are popular activities in this small town and if you are up for a heart-racing experience, give yourself plenty of time to get into the water.

Riggins, Idaho, 83549, USA

What do you think of our road trip to the best mountain towns in Idaho? Are there any you would add to this trip? Let us and your fellow travelers know in the comments!

Address: Driggs, ID, USA

Address: Idaho City, ID 83631, USA

Address: Island Park, ID, USA

Address: Ketchum, ID, USA

Address: McCall, ID 83638, USA

Address: Riggins, ID 83549, USA

Address: Stanley, ID 83278, USA

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