Opioid Crisis Friday: Police arrest 7 in North Idaho last week for possession, intent to distribute fentanyl.

By Will Wixey

LEWISTON, Idaho — Law enforcement arrested seven people last week for possession of fentanyl, with some believed to intend to distribute it.

Lewiston detectives arrested 39-year-old Kimberlee Perrigo and 33-year-old Joshua Hescock after placing a GPS tracking device on their vehicle and observing it make several trips to Spokane and around the Lewis Clark Valley area.

Lewiston Police say officers conducted a traffic stop on Perrigo and Hescock’s vehicle and found marijuana, 97 fentanyl pills and other paraphernalia inside. Both were arrested.

Upon a search of a storage unit believed to belong to Hescock and Perrigo, detectives found 1,000 fentanyl pills, according to police.

Perrigo is being held on a $40,000 bond, and Hescock is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Lewiston Police also arrested 43-year-old Joseph Robinett of Pullman for possession of fentanyl.

Officers arrested Robinett for violating a No Contact Order with the passenger of his vehicle. Police say upon a strip search at the jail, officers found eight fentanyl pills on the passenger.

The investigating officer said Robinett told him he had just purchased the pills and handed them to the passenger to hide.

Robinett’s bond is set at $10,000.

Additionally, Idaho State Police troopers arrested 36-year-old Travis Rickman for possession of fentanyl with the intent of bringing it to jail.

The Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office says during a traffic stop, troopers located drug paraphernalia and a partially used blue pill inside Rickman’s vehicle.

Detention deputies say they later found 218 pills, believed to be fentanyl, inside Rickman’s shoe.

Rickman is being held on a $30,000 bond.

Police also arrested a man in North Lewiston for possession and intent to distribute fentanyl.

LPD officers say they saw 40-year-old Charles Walters driving erratically, and upon searching his vehicle, found a bag of blue pills in his passenger seat. The officers also said they saw an address book with the name “Reed Walters” on it.

Walters is being held on a $60,000 bond.

LPD officers also arrested 31-year-old Anthony Dzendzel-Harman for possession and intent to distribute fentanyl.

Police say they located a small glass container with a substance believed to be methamphetamine inside, along with a fentanyl pill inside a cigarette box.

Dzendzel-Harman is being held on a $10,000 bond.

Lastly, police arrested 24-year-old Gabriel Nichols after an officer says he found a fentanyl pill on him.

Nichols is being held on a $15,000 bond.

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Police arrest 7 in North Idaho last week for possession, intent to distribute fentanyl – NewsBreak

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