Travel Thursdays: Everyone From Idaho Should Take This Awesome Mountain Vacation Before They Die

It’s true that Idaho is growing more than ever but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some places in the Gem State that have remained our little secret. This quaint mountain town is considered one of the best adventure destinations in the state for good reason. It boasts a little bit of everything: hiking, fishing, hot springs, you name it. Simply put, it’s one of those places that every Idahoan should experience before they die. After all, this mountain vacation town is as close to heaven on earth as you can get.

The little mountain town of Stanley is the perfect representation of a part of our state that isn’t widely-known but is by far one of our favorites. This side of Idaho is blissfully pristine and untouched. It’s wild backcountry at its finest.

Jonni Armani/Alltrails

If you have yet to visit the central-Idaho town then it needs to go on your bucket list ASAP. Referred to as “The Gateway to the Sawtooths”, this is a town that is full of adventure, beauty, and relaxation. It’s like a little mountain paradise.

Stanley, Idaho/Facebook

Stanley has a population of just 63 people, if you can believe it. However, most longtime Idahoans recognize it as a popular vacation destination—and for good reason. The town’s crown jewel is of course the wonderful Redfish Lake which provides endless opportunities for recreation during the summertime.


However, you’ll find that the adventure is pretty much endless in this region of Idaho. The town is conveniently located right along the banks of the wild and beautiful Salmon River. The 105-mile-long Middle Fork of the Salmon is one of the most scenic stretches, meandering straight through Frank Church-River of no Return Wilderness Area, and is popular for fishing and whitewater rafting.


There is also a plethora of hiking trails to choose from, all of which are great for exploring one of Idaho’s most impressive mountain ranges—the Sawtooths. One of our favorites is the Iron Creek Trailhead which leads to Sawtooth Lake. You can read all about this epic trail here.

Jarrett Mitchell/Alltrails

You definitely won’t be hurting for a place to stay on your mountain vacation. Stanley is full of unique lodging options (if camping is out of the question). A popular option is the Mountain Village Resort which is comfortable but maintains an authentically rustic vibe.


The best part? Resort guests have access to the private hot spring tub which boasts one of the most Instagram-worthy views of the Sawtooth Valley! Yep, we could definitely get used to this.

Tryone Minton/GoogleMaps

Stanley may be a small town but the dining options are far from limited. You’ll find plenty of places to hunker down on a hearty meal before or after your mountain adventure. We especially recommend paying a visit to Stanley Baking Company.

Minerva Nichole/TripAdvisor

Who knew one of the best bakeries in Idaho was hiding in the mountains of all places? Here you’ll find an abundance of mouthwatering fresh baked goods and delicious country-style breakfasts which are perfect for fueling up in the morning.

Minerva Nichole/TripAdvisor

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, you’ll find it here in Stanley. This little slice of heaven is an iconic Idaho destination that is just begging to be explored. Don’t hold off on it any longer.

Brent I/TripAdvisor

Have you completed this epic mountain vacation yet? Stanley looks like utter paradise!

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