Do You feel like getting lost in the 50’s?

By Dava Jean Wharton Sandpoint, Idaho is a quaint little town in the Northern panhandle of Idaho.                 Each year the town will start out a Thursday night live band that will knock your bobby socks off! This is usually held at the fairgrounds, due to space and parking. There are limited refreshments. Friday nightContinue reading “Do You feel like getting lost in the 50’s?”

Travel Thursdays: RV Tire Safety Tips to Know.

by Kris and Andy Murphy Your tires are what get you from point A to point B. Even just one low-pressure tire can interrupt your trip plans. Most RVers make two mistakes with their tires: not filling them at the proper air pressure and not checking them often enough for issues. These two things canContinue reading “Travel Thursdays: RV Tire Safety Tips to Know.”