True Crime Sundays: ‘Maybe deep down I wanted to shoot the guy’: Las Vegas man arrested after shooting girlfriend’s friend ‘with benefits’ at trailer park: police

by: Linsey Lewis

According to police, Pafundi was in a 12-year romantic relationship and shares three kids with Tiffany Swiderski. About 10 months ago, the pair spilt up for two months before getting back together.

Swiderski had also been in a “friends-only” relationship with a man named Chad Jensen for about 4 years. However, the relationship between Jensen and Swiderski morphed into a more intimate relationship, police said.

According to police, Tiffany described her relationship with Jensen as a “friends with benefits” type. Both Jensen and Pafundi knew of each other and their relationship with Swiderski.

On Jan. 6, Swiderski and Pafundi were at a local Dotty’s in the early evening. After they finished gambling, the two went to Swiderski’s aunt’s trailer, where they had been staying, police said.

According to police, Swiderski was in the driver’s seat of a car and Pafundi was in the passenger’s seat with the window down. Swiderski was attempting to enter the code to open the gate to the community when another car, driven by Jensen, pulled up.

Jensen got out of the car yelling obscenities at both Swiderski and Pafundi. Jensen then punched Pafundi in the mouth through the open window, causing his lip to bleed, police said.

Pufundi then pulled out a gun and shot at Jensen five times, hitting him. Jensen then got back into his car and drove into the landscaping at the front of the complex, according to police.

Swiderski and Pafundi drove back to her aunt’s trailer where Pafundi got into a car and tried to leave the complex. When he got to the front of the complex, he saw patrol cars blocking the entrance so he decided to drive back to the trailer where he later surrender to officers, police said.

In an interview with police, Pafundi said that he and Jensen had prior verbal altercations in the past two weeks, however, nothing escalated to anything physical. Jensen and Pafundi had been going back a forth in text messages and on Facebook Messenger, officers said.

According to police, Pafundi said he “snapped” and said while speaking with officers: “Maybe deep down I wanted to shoot this guy.”

Pafundi also said that he believed that Jensen had become very aggressive in his arguments to the extent of calling Pafundi a bad father, police said.

Pafundi was booked into CCDC on a charge of open murder and is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 13.

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