Here’s Why I’m Celebrating Banned Books Week

By Barack Obama From the time I first learned to read, books have played an essential role in how I experience the world. Reading Toni Morrison as a college student — novels like The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon — changed me. Discovering writers like Mark Twain or James Baldwin revealed something essential to me about our country’sContinue reading “Here’s Why I’m Celebrating Banned Books Week”

Book Review Tuesday: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey.

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey My rating: 5 of 5 stars I listened this via audiobook. This was a fascinating story about lessons that the author learned throughout his life. He didn’t have the traditional upbringing of the privileged talent that we see coming through today. He had trails and tribulations. He grew up in aContinue reading “Book Review Tuesday: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey.”

How to Succeed as a New Writer

by Darius Foroux Writing must come from the heart I started my blog as an independent new writer in 2015. Over the years, I’ve published over 400 articles, 7 books, and 7 online courses. There have been frustrations and challenges along the way. But I’ve learned that new writers have a better chance of successContinue reading “How to Succeed as a New Writer”

Travel Thursdays: Explore Washington State

WASHINGTON Explore a state that expertly blends urban and outdoor experiences. These five destinations showcase Washington at its most spectacular. Whether you plan on hitting the trail or the tasting room, Washington overwhelms the senses. Greater Seattle When the UFO-shaped Space Needle was first built above Seattle in the early 1960s, the designers pointed towardContinue reading “Travel Thursdays: Explore Washington State”

Say Goodbye to Stimulus Checks in 2023

by Maurie Backman There’s reason to believe we won’t be getting any government paydays next year. Key points When lawmakers approved a round of $1,400 stimulus checks in early 2021, that money served as a lifeline for many cash-strapped families that were still struggling to recover from the pandemic. But so far, there’s been noContinue reading “Say Goodbye to Stimulus Checks in 2023”

The Ride of Her Life: The True Story of a Woman, Her Horse, and Their Last-Chance Journey Across America by Elizabeth Letts

**Spoilers ahead** I listened to this via the Libby App. This book started off rather slow to me. She lost her farm that had been in her family for a long time. It was kind of sad. She did try to make it work, but couldn’t. She was offered a place in a environment likeContinue reading “The Ride of Her Life: The True Story of a Woman, Her Horse, and Their Last-Chance Journey Across America by Elizabeth Letts”

What moves us ‘closer to the unfortunate finish line of getting long Covid’

by Sandee LaMotte, CNN (CNN)You may have up to a 50% higher risk of developing long Covid-19 if you suffer from common psychiatric issues such as anxiety or depression, a recent study found. Signs of the malady can include breathing problems, brain fog, chronic coughing, changes in taste and smell, overwhelming fatigue, difficulties in performingContinue reading “What moves us ‘closer to the unfortunate finish line of getting long Covid’”

10 Best 30 Amp RV Generators for 2022 (Ranked/Reviewed) Written by Jason Kidd  in Recommended Gear,RV AccessoriesLast Updated August 24, 2022 Are you in the market for a new 30 Amp RV generator? If so, you’re in luck! Because in this blog post, we’ll be ranking and reviewing the 10 best 30 amp RV generators for 2022. By takingContinue reading

What Are the Side Effects of CBD? Here are 4 Signs You Need to Know.

What Are The Side Effects of CBD? By Landon Neubauer As CBD becomes more extensively researched and widely available, we are starting to realize the true therapeutic power of the cannabinoid. A quick Google search for ‘CBD,’ and millions of results will pop up, many reporting that the naturally-derived cannabis compound can do just aboutContinue reading “What Are the Side Effects of CBD? Here are 4 Signs You Need to Know.”

Body found in Memphis identified as kidnapped jogger

By Bill Hutchinson A body discovered in Memphis has been identified as abducted school teacher Eliza Fletcher, authorities said Tuesday. Fletcher’s remains were found in a South Memphis residential neighborhood several miles from where she was abducted and were identified Tuesday, police said. Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn “C.J.” Davis said at a news conference Tuesday that Fletcher’s bodyContinue reading “Body found in Memphis identified as kidnapped jogger”