Travel Thursday: The Story Behind This Ghost Town Cemetery In Colorado Will Chill You To The Bone.

by Annie

Cemeteries are a quiet place for grief and solace, but sometimes these seemingly innocent things can take an eerie turn. While cemeteries serve one purpose, some come off as – well, off – like this abandoned Colorado cemetery with a creepy story that will chill you to the bone:

Located near Central City, AKA the “Richest Square Mile on Earth,” is the historic and haunted Central City Cemetery.

Google/Jessica Burton

Used from 1884 to 1913, the Central City Cemetery houses some of the area’s earliest residents, most of whom were miners and their families.


To make the unique cemetery even more so, the Central City Cemetery was spread out along the mountainside and contained 26 smaller grave sites that housed 17 groups.

Google/R Whitney

In addition to it serving Central City, individuals and families from other nearby, now-abandoned towns were also buried here.

While the mountains and meadows make the Central City Cemetery seem peaceful, ominous reports from visitors through the years say otherwise, thanks to many shadowy figures, the most famous of which is the Lady in Black.

Google/Tasha West

According to legend, the Lady in Black appears every April 5th and November 1st to lay flowers on the grave of her lover, John Edward Cameron, before disappearing into thin air.


Aside from the notorious Lady in Black, visitors have also reported strange sounds and seen everything from fast-moving shadows to flying orbs.


Not only is their cemetery haunted, but allegedly the entire town of Central City, as many businesses around the historic town have been plagued by these colorful and restless spirits.

Flickr/Kevin Oliver

To learn more about all of the spooky (and less spooky) parts of Central City, please visit Central City Visitor’s Center’s website.


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