One of the Worst Days of the Year Happening in Idaho This Year

by Jeff

The calendar has officially flipped to March, and with it comes many things. Spring will begin later this month, St. Patrick’s Day is near, and the inevitable of daylight savings time is approaching as well. It is a debate twice a year on if states should do away with it or not, and the rumors always come up that so and so state will be getting rid of it soon, but the years go by, and outside of Arizona and Hawaii, it continues to linger and exist. While it is unlikely to go away anytime soon, if ever, the dreadful weekend is fast approaching once again, and this is the worse one of the two.

For some, it may seem like we just changed our clocks, and for others, it may seem like it has taken far too long to change them back, but daylight savings time is fast approaching and we only have one weekend left until it is time to switch the clocks again. The dreaded day will be taking place on March 12, and this time we spring forward, meaning we lose an hour of sleep. It usually takes a good week or two to adjust to the time change, and having little ones can make this even more difficult. While the extra sunlight is nice, it means it’ll soon be time to use those blackout curtains to get some sleep, but does mean having daylight to drive home from work.

The debate comes up two times a year, and most people are pretty set in their ways. There are very few pros to changing the clocks. Yes, it does make the days longer in the summer, but with it being bright so late here, does Idaho need the change like other states to do? Once the clocks change, it can be light until almost 10 PM. Getting dark around 9 PM seems like a decent time, and is a strong argument why Idaho and other states in the northwest should look into doing away with daylight savings time. If certain regions and states want to keep it, then leave it, but let each state vote and use their voices to determine if it should stay or go away forever. 

Unfortunately, daylight savings time will not be going away this year, so make sure to mark your calendars and adjust your sleep accordingly. Enjoy sleeping in this weekend, because the following weekend will get messed up for you, and the weekend after may be spent trying to correct your schedule from the time change still. One of the worst days of the year is fast approaching, and there’s nothing we can do about it for now.

Photo Credit: Credit: Sonja Langford on Unsplash

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