Mental Health Mondays: What Hurts a Narcissist Forever?

by Teresa Santana

1. They are hurt when you leave and be at peace without them.

Narcissists are hurt when you leave and be at peace without them. They want to hold on to you but they don’t want to let you go. They can’t say goodbye. Narcissists are hurt when you leave them because they can’t stand being alone; they need to have people around them all the time. And if you leave them, they’ll feel absolutely lost without your constant attention.

2. They are hurt when they aren’t the center of attention.

Narcissists can’t stand it when other people get more attention than them. Trust me, when you don’t give them the attention they crave, they’ll make sure that everyone knows how much it hurts them.

3. They are hurt when you give admiration and praise to others.

They see this as a threat to their self-esteem, and it causes them pain. Narcissists are not only hurt by your affection and praise of others, but they’re also jealous. They will always believe that they are better than anyone else, so it’s like a stab in the heart when someone else gets the spotlight. They love being complimented on how great they look, how intelligent they are, or how extraordinary their accomplishments are.

4. Narcissists are hurt when they are criticized.

Criticism is the worst thing that can happen to a narcissist because it challenges their ego and makes them feel like they are not perfect. This often makes the narcissist lash out at the person criticizing them, and tend to take it as an attack on their character rather than a personal failure.

5. They are hurt when you set boundaries.

When you set a boundary, you are telling the narcissist that their behavior is not acceptable to you and that you will not accept it in the future. When they do something unacceptable and are told so, they may feel hurt because they think they were only being nice or helpful, even if their behavior caused harm or pain to another person.

6. They are hurt when you neglect and stop caring about them.

Narcissists are hurt when you neglect and stop caring about them. When you stop feeding their egos by giving those compliments and attention or when you just don’t seem to care about what they have to say anymore, it threatens their self-worth. This is because narcissists need to be validated by others to feel good about themselves. If they don’t get this validation from someone else, they’ll find ways of getting it from themselves.

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