Travel Thursdays: This Eerie And Fantastic Footage Takes You Inside Virginia’s Abandoned Ghost Town, Union Level.

Kipp Teague / flickr

Travel Thursdays: Only In Your State: Idaho

Once Abandoned And Left To Decay, This Former Masonic Temple In Idaho Has Been Restored To A Popular Restaurant by Courtnie Erickson There are many buildings that were once abandoned and left to decay, never getting a second chance. Located in Nampa is the former Masonic Temple, which once sat vacant until it was restoredContinue reading “Travel Thursdays: Only In Your State: Idaho”

Travel Thursdays: Sandpoint, ID.

Lost in the 50’s by Dava Jean Wharton Sandpoint, Idaho is a quaint little town in the Northern panhandle of Idaho. Each year the town will start out a Thursday night live band that will knock your bobby socks off! This is usually held at the fairgrounds, due to space and parking. There are limitedContinue reading “Travel Thursdays: Sandpoint, ID.”

Travel Thursdays: Wallace, Idaho

by Dava Jean Wharton While driving from Washington State to Montana, you will cross through about sixty miles of Northern Idaho. This is one of the best stretches of history that you will find. You pass through Coeur d’Alene, then you start heading over the 4th of July pass. Once there, you are in whatContinue reading “Travel Thursdays: Wallace, Idaho”

Travel Thursdays: 23 Castles You Might Not Expect To Find Hiding In The U.S.

by Sarah McCosham The United States might not have the historical gravitas that’s ubiquitous across the pond — but we don’t need it. Because we have something better: good, old-fashioned American imagination and ingenuity. Europe: we’ll see your Medieval castles and stony fortresses, and raise you expansive American chateaus complete with turrets, moats, drawbridges, and, yes, evenContinue reading “Travel Thursdays: 23 Castles You Might Not Expect To Find Hiding In The U.S.”