5 Daily 2-Minute Habits to Radically Boost Your All-Round Fitness

Fitness is stupidly simple, don’t complicate it

by Neeramitra Reddy

itness is absurdly simple.

But TikTok influencers and supplement companies peddle B.S. pseudoscience and lies.

Metabolism-boosting Nigerian berries. Banded bicep curls balancing single-legged on a Bosu ball. Fat-burning Garcinia Cambogia pills that burn your wallet.

Ignore such snake oil B.S.

Instead, focus on the time-tested fundamentals — good sleep, training hard, and eating (mostly) clean.

In this article, I want to share five 2-minute habits that target those fundamentals.

These aren’t “hacks” or “quick fixes”—they’re micro-habits that will compound into massive long-term results.

The Best (Natural) Pre-Workout on The Planet

The major ingredient in all the fancy pre-workouts that devour your wallet?

Good ol’ caffeine — which good ol’ coffee powder has aplenty.

Studies have proven caffeine to boost athletic performance, blood flow, and peak muscular output.

While black coffee alone is potent, adding another ingredient will put its power on steroids.

It’s salt — the sodium in it boosts blood flow, replenishes electrolytes, and increases intracellular water retention.

While common salt will work, Himalayan rock salt will do a much better job — thanks to the goldmine of minerals

Coffee powder + A pinch of salt + Some hot water = You’ll plow through your workouts.

Track Every Single Workout

Building muscle and strength is unnatural.

You force your body to become beefier by challenging it with resistance — be it dumbbells, barbells, machines, bands, or your own body weight.

Wikipedia illustration of Milo of croton who carried a bull calf everyday
Wikimedia Commons

As your body “adapts”, you need to amp up the resistance level — this is called progressive overload.

Heavier weight. Higher reps. More sets. Slower reps. Lesser rest times. Cleaner form — there are many ways to increase resistance.

Without progressively overloading your body, your gains will stagnate.

The best way to guarantee such an increase is by tracking every workout.

An example of workout tracking
Image Source: Daviddummet.com

Every workout, try to beat your last workout’s numbers — or at the least, match them.

Even 1 additional rep on just 1 set is a win.

Kickstart Your Metabolism After Waking Up

After a good night of sleep, you wake up in a semi-fasted state with a dull metabolism.

To kickstart your metabolism, down 2 glasses of water. This has a host of other benefits:

  • Better skin health and radiance
  • Improves the shine and texture of your hair
  • Relieves any heartburn and improves your digestion
  • Inhibits kidney stones and bladder infections by diluting your stomach acidity

Best of all?

Plain hydration. Since you’re most likely clinically dehydrated — 75% of American adults are!

The Easiest Way to Keep Your Bodyfat in Check

It’s incredibly easy to underestimate how much weight you’ve gained — and overestimate the weight you’ve lost.

Tracking your calories works well — but that leeches the joy of eating food.

Hence, step on a weighing scale every morning.

One weight-loss study found that participants who weighed themselves daily for six months lost 13 more pounds than those who didn’t.

Being aware of your weight makes you take subconscious steps — be it going for a smaller mac, taking the stairs, or reducing cheese on your pizza.

While this habit won’t guarantee weight loss, it will 100% shield you from unexpected weight gain.

Buy a weighing scale and pop it in your bathroom — you’ll remember to step on it the moment you walk in the loo.

Fall in Love with “On-Demand” Pushups

Drop to the floor and do 10 pushups.


I just banged out 10 — because I decided to.

Randomly deciding to do 10 pushups or 5 pull-ups throughout the day and doing them is powerful.

Not only from a fitness sense — but from a mindset POV.

This habit trains you to fire a thought and take rapid action without hesitation.

This habit trains you to overcome hesitation and mental resistance.

And all those random reps will add up to massive numbers over weeks, months, and years.

If you can’t do pushups, do wall pushups. Can’t do walls either? Pump out some squats.

If even those are hard, spot-jog.

Ditch the excuses — and new ways to get your body moving will spring up.

Bonus: Dynamic Stretching Before Every Workout

Most people warm up wrong.

After 5 minutes on the treadmill, they do static stretching — which hampers your actual workout.

Static stretching slows down your muscles and reflexes, so it’s great to do after your workout.

To warm up, use dynamic stretching instead. Here are 3 amazing routines:

Warm up with dynamic stretching — cool down with static stretching.

That’s how you keep your muscles flexible yet brutally strong.

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5 Daily 2-Minute Habits to Radically Boost Your All-Round Fitness | by Neeramitra Reddy | Change Your Mind Change Your Life | Jan, 2023 | Medium

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