Travel Thursdays: 23 Castles You Might Not Expect To Find Hiding In The U.S.

by Sarah McCosham

The United States might not have the historical gravitas that’s ubiquitous across the pond — but we don’t need it. Because we have something better: good, old-fashioned American imagination and ingenuity. Europe: we’ll see your Medieval castles and stony fortresses, and raise you expansive American chateaus complete with turrets, moats, drawbridges, and, yes, even a fire-breathing dragon.

All across the country, there are incredible American castles open for all to experience; some are hiding right in plain sight, while others are tucked away in the most unexpected places. Here are 23 castles you might not expect to find hiding in the U.S. — but you’ll be totally delighted that they are! Today we will go over the Historical Castles.

Historical Castles in the US.

Montezuma Castle – Arizona
Curwood Castle- Oswosso, Michigan

Smithsonian Castle – Washington, D.C.

Belvedere Castle – New York City, New York
Fonthill Castle, Pennsylvania

Come back next Thursday for Castles You Can Stay In. In two weeks, Formal Castles in the US. In three weeks, Quirky Castles in the US. In four weeks, Abandoned Castles in the US.

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Main Photo Credit: Photo: Tyra Pacheco. Woodstock, CT. Castle

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