Reserve A Private Hot Spring Pool And Stay Toasty At Miracle Hot Springs In Idaho

When you’re in desperate need of some “me time”, a visit to one of the best hot springs in Idaho – whether in a natural or resort setting – is simply a must. It’s a good thing the Gem State is home to so many great places to take a long, hot soak! Miracle Hot Springs is a delightful hot spring resort in southern Idaho that boasts private pools for you to soak all by yourself. Relax, sit back, and enjoy!Miracle Hot Springs is one of two sister hot spring resorts in southern Idaho, the other being Banbury Hot Springs. Located in Buhl, this is one relaxation destination that you’ll definitely want to be aware of.

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Miracle Hot Springs is a heavenly destination where visitors can forget about their worries and enjoy the therapeutic effects of geothermal water. The resort consists of four outdoor pools of varying temperature, but that’s not all…

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The resort also boasts private hot pools! These private pools are great for when you don’t feel like sharing a space with strangers. Having an entire space to yourself, these pools allow you to truly relax and unwind.


Miracle Hot Springs has 15 regular private pools that are available to reserve online. Each pool and dressing room is cleaned and sanitized between visitors.

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You’ll love this stellar destination. After one dip in the pool, you’ll feel all of your troubles melt away.The way pricing at Miracle works is that all guests pay general admission and then a private pool is added for a small cost. You can view all admission rates on the website, linked below.

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Additionally, Miracle offers VIP private pools are that are a bit larger and nicer.

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You’ll have to pay an additional fee, but it’s a small price to pay for total tranquility! Go ahead and treat yourself.

It’s never a bad time to treat yourself to a little me time. Plan a trip to Miracle Hot Springs where you can have a whole pool to yourself! For more information, visit the Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs website.

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Come see why people say this is the best hot springs resort in Idaho!

Have you soaked in the private hot spring pools at either of these resorts

Address: Miracle Hot Springs, 19073 US-30, Buhl, ID 83316, USA


February 08, 2022

Elisa Regulski

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Absolutely, yes! If you love the great outdoors, you can snow tube down epic hills and ski down steep slopes. If you love hiking, you should venture to one of Idaho’s stellar state parks. There are so many great places for winter hiking in Idaho. If you prefer to cozy up when the weather gets cold, visit one of the best hot springs in Idaho! The fun never ends in this great state.

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