Travel Thursdays: Sandpoint, ID.

Lost in the 50’s by Dava Jean Wharton Sandpoint, Idaho is a quaint little town in the Northern panhandle of Idaho. Each year the town will start out a Thursday night live band that will knock your bobby socks off! This is usually held at the fairgrounds, due to space and parking. There are limitedContinue reading “Travel Thursdays: Sandpoint, ID.”

19 ways to infuse FUN into your writing process (and have fun consistently)

by Alex Mathers A guy I follow on Twitter asked his followers: ‘What’s ONE challenge people face when trying to grow on Twitter?’ I tweet responded: ‘Losing the enjoyment to create and write. You need to find a way to have fun here or you’ll give up.’ He inspired me to write a post onContinue reading “19 ways to infuse FUN into your writing process (and have fun consistently)”

Banning TikTok? Restrictions on the popular video app are spreading across the US

by Marina Pitofsky Bans and restrictions on the popular social media app TikTok are spreading at the state and federal levels, with some lawmakers seeking to block TikTok in the United States.   The U.S. Senate this week approved legislation to ban the use of the video platform on government devices. Some state lawmakers have blocked TikTok on state devices too, andContinue reading “Banning TikTok? Restrictions on the popular video app are spreading across the US”

Twitter threatened with EU sanctions over journalists’ ban

By Max Matza & Simon Read BBC News The EU has threatened Twitter owner Elon Musk with sanctions after several journalists covering the company had their accounts abruptly suspended. Reporters for the New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post were among those locked out of their accounts. EU commissioner Vera Jourova said the EU’sContinue reading “Twitter threatened with EU sanctions over journalists’ ban”

Here’s Why I’m Celebrating Banned Books Week

By Barack Obama From the time I first learned to read, books have played an essential role in how I experience the world. Reading Toni Morrison as a college student — novels like The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon — changed me. Discovering writers like Mark Twain or James Baldwin revealed something essential to me about our country’sContinue reading “Here’s Why I’m Celebrating Banned Books Week”

7.15.2006 Twitter Launches!

On July 15, 2006, the San Francisco-based podcasting company Odeo officially releases Twttr—later changed to Twitter—its short messaging service (SMS) for groups, to the public. Born as a side project apart from Odeo’s main podcasting platform, the free application allowed users to share short status updates with groups of friends by sending one text messageContinue reading “7.15.2006 Twitter Launches!”