Exclusive: Wordle is being turned into a board game

By Jordan Valinsky, CNN Business New York (CNN Business)Wordle is jumping from the P-H-O-N-E to the B-O-A-R-D. Hasbro is partnering with the New York Times, which owns the popular online word puzzle, to create “Wordle: The Party Game.” The new board game “delivers classic Wordle gameplay, but now in an all new way,” the companies said in a pressContinue reading “Exclusive: Wordle is being turned into a board game”

7.15.2006 Twitter Launches!

On July 15, 2006, the San Francisco-based podcasting company Odeo officially releases Twttr—later changed to Twitter—its short messaging service (SMS) for groups, to the public. Born as a side project apart from Odeo’s main podcasting platform, the free application allowed users to share short status updates with groups of friends by sending one text messageContinue reading “7.15.2006 Twitter Launches!”