19 ways to infuse FUN into your writing process (and have fun consistently)

by Alex Mathers A guy I follow on Twitter asked his followers: ‘What’s ONE challenge people face when trying to grow on Twitter?’ I tweet responded: ‘Losing the enjoyment to create and write. You need to find a way to have fun here or you’ll give up.’ He inspired me to write a post onContinue reading “19 ways to infuse FUN into your writing process (and have fun consistently)”

Here’s Why I’m Celebrating Banned Books Week

By Barack Obama From the time I first learned to read, books have played an essential role in how I experience the world. Reading Toni Morrison as a college student — novels like The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon — changed me. Discovering writers like Mark Twain or James Baldwin revealed something essential to me about our country’sContinue reading “Here’s Why I’m Celebrating Banned Books Week”

Book Review Tuesday: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey.

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey My rating: 5 of 5 stars I listened this via audiobook. This was a fascinating story about lessons that the author learned throughout his life. He didn’t have the traditional upbringing of the privileged talent that we see coming through today. He had trails and tribulations. He grew up in aContinue reading “Book Review Tuesday: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey.”

How to Succeed as a New Writer

by Darius Foroux Writing must come from the heart I started my blog as an independent new writer in 2015. Over the years, I’ve published over 400 articles, 7 books, and 7 online courses. There have been frustrations and challenges along the way. But I’ve learned that new writers have a better chance of successContinue reading “How to Succeed as a New Writer”

Issue #5: This week’s 5 most popular stories, tools, ideas, and books

by Alessandro Butler Top tools Typeshare: Everything you need to start writing online. Taplio: Grow and monetize your LinkedIn audience. Riverside.fm: The easiest way to record podcasts and videos in studio quality from anywhere. Looka: Design your own beautiful brand. QuillBot: Rewrite literally any sentence using state-of-the-art AI Top stories: The real reason Shopify justContinue reading “Issue #5: This week’s 5 most popular stories, tools, ideas, and books”